Mega Canna Shop understands that we live in an unfair world where not everyone can afford what they need to survive. That is why we have decided to provide a selection of some of the best and cheapest cannabis strains to enable people who need medication but are low in budget.

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Garlic Bread[14 grams]

Original price was: €120.00.Current price is: €90.00.
Indica Dried Cannabis THC 26-32% CBD 0-1% Good for sleep, depression, anxiety, Panic attacks That sweet, tangy, and garlicky scent can only

Pink Diesel ’71[14 grams]

Original price was: €100.00.Current price is: €81.00.

Good for calmness, relaxation, depression, anxiety and positivity .

Ponderosa Pine

THC 22-27% CBD 0-1% Good for positivity. sleep, anxiety and sex Experience peak perfection with Ponderosa Pine by San Rafael

Sour Jack

The perfect strain for depression , sleeping disorders, anxiety and mood swings